Juniper Switch EX Series

These carrier-class switching solutions are for converged enterprise branch offices, campuses, and data centers, as well as for service provider deployments. They address escalating demands for high availability, unified communications, mobility, and virtualization within enterprise networks.

Product ID Description
EX2200 For wiring closet and open office installations
 EX2200 Switches are ideal for access-layer deployments in branch offices and campus networks, delivering performance usually associated with more expensive products.
 UPTO 52 "1GbE" | Virtual Chassis
EX3300 Support for converged data, voice, and video
 The EX3300 Ethernet Switch is a compact, scalable solution for demanding converged enterprise access environments.
 UP TO 52 "1GbE" | 4 "10GbE" | Virtual Chassis
EX4200 Access and aggregation for campus and data center installations
 EX4200 switches bring flexible, scalable, high-performance switching to campuses and data center top-of-rack deployments, combining the availability and reliability of modular solutions with the flexibility of stackable switches.
 UP TO 52 "1GbE" | UP TO 2 "10GbE" | Virtual Chassis
EX4300 Versatile, fixed-configuration enterprise switching platforms
 The EX4300 Ethernet Switch is a single platform offering maximum flexibility required for today’s enterprise.
EX4550 Compact, high-performance platform for high-density deployments
 The scalable EX4550 Ethernet switch is a compact, high-performance platform for high-density 10 Gbps campus, data center and service provider deployments.
 UP TO 48 "10GbE" | 256 "Gbps Capacity" | | 714 Mbps | Virtual Chassis
EX4600 High-performance enterprise campus and data center switch
 The EX4600 Ethernet Switch delivers a highly scalable 10GbE solution for high-density campus and data center top-of-rack deployments.
 960 "Gbps Capacity" | UP TO 72 "1 GbeE ports" | UP TO 12 "40 GbE Ports"
EX8200 High availability EX8200 Ethernet Switch for campus core and data center environments
 The EX8200 modular switches offer flexible platforms that deliver the port densities, scalability, and high availability required for today’s demanding campus core and data center environments.
 12.4 "Tbps Per Chassis" | 120 Mpps "Per Line Card"
EX9200 Flexibility and scalability for business agility and growth.
 The EX9200 line of Ethernet switches provides a programmable, flexible, and scalable foundation for delivering mission-critical applications in enterprise campus and data center core environments.
 240 "Gbps per slot" | 13.2 Tbps Per Chassis
EX Series Options Redundant power and RE options
 EX Series options include the EX Series Redundant Power Supply for EX2200 and EX3300 Ethernet Switches, and the XRE200 External Routing Engine for managing EX8200 switches in a Virtual Chassis configuration.