Juniper Routers PTX Series

PTX Series routers provide the platform for the Converged Supercore® architecture, a model for optimizing IP/MPLS core, peering, metro, and converged IP and optical networks. These routers are built for superior performance, optical transport integration, and elegant deployment. They support high-density 100GbE environments and offer industry-leading energy efficiency of less than half a watt per Gbps.

Product ID Description
PTX1000 Distributed applications within the Converged Supercore architecture.
 PTX1000 is the only fixed configuration Converged Supercore® router to combine unparalleled performance with elegant deployment in a compact form factor. It provides a foundation for distributed and efficiently optimized core architectures for service and content provider networks of all sizes.
 2.88 Tbps Capacity | UP TO 288 "10GbE" | UP TO 72 40GbE | UP TO 24 100GbE
PTX3000 Converged Supercore router for space- and power- constrained environments.
 PTX3000 delivers Converged Supercore® architecture in an ultra-compact 300 mm ETSI-compliant depth for space- and power-constrained environments .
 8 Tbps Capacity | UP TO 768 "10GbE" | UP TO 192 40GbE | UP TO 80 10GbE
PTX5000 Converged Supercore router delivers unparalleled performance and elegant deployment.
 PTX5000 is the first Converged Supercore® router to combine market-leading performance and transport integration with elegant deployment options. It provides the foundation for efficient and optimized core architectures and multilayer convergence in service and content provider networks.
 24 Tbps Capacity | UP TO 1536 "10GbE" | UP TO 384 40GbE | UP TO 240 10GbE