Juniper Routers NFX250 Series

The NFX250 Network Services Platform eliminates the operational complexities of deploying multiple types of customer premises equipment (CPE) to meet myriad customer service needs. As part of Juniper’s Cloud CPE solution, the NFX250 gives communication service providers and enterprises the flexibility to deploy secure, high-performance services on-premises in a single CPE device. This software-driven solution uses virtualization to speed and simplify the process of new service offerings, with no truck rolls.

Product ID Description
NFX250 The NFX250 provides ultra-fast custom service delivery on-demand. This secure, on-premises device can run and chain multiple virtualized network functions simultaneously in an open, NFV environment, giving companies the flexibility to create innovative services and automate services activation with zero truck rolls.
 8 VNFs | 20 "GbE WAN"