Juniper Routers ACX Series

Carrier Ethernet 2.0-compliant routers enable efficient mobile backhaul and highly reliable, SLA-backed business services while reining in operational expenses.

Product ID Description
ACX500 Superior small-cell mobile backhaul router for indoors or outdoors
 ACX500 fanless mobile backhaul routers, certified for indoor and outdoor use in utilities and railways, deliver up to 6 Gbps throughput and support an integrated, software-enabled GPS receiver. With a raft of targeted security and management capabilities, the ACX500 is ideally suited for small-cell applications.
 6 "10GbE" | PoE
ACX1000 Small fanless router for cabinet and tower deployment
 The ACX1000 fanless router delivers up to 60 Gbps through eight T1/E1 interfaces, eight copper GbE ports, and four copper/fiber GbE ports.
 10 "TDM" | 12 "1GbE"
ACX1100 Compact, environmentally hardened Ethernet-only access router
 This compact, fanless 1 U Ethernet-only access router includes eight copper and four copper/fiber GbE ports.
 12 "1GbE"
ACX2000 Environmental hardening, scale, and performance
 The ACX2000 includes TDM, GbE, and 10GbE interfaces and is environmentally hardened for field deployment.
 16 "TDM" | 10 "1GbE" | 2 "10GbE" | PoE
ACX2100 Superior mobile experience and network monetization
 This compact, environmentally hardened router includes 16 T1/E1 interfaces, four copper 10/100/1000 Mbps interfaces, four combination copper/fiber GbE ports, and more.
 16 "TDM" | 10 "1GbE" | 2 "10GbE"
ACX2200 Optimized for high quality mobile broadband networks
 This compact, environmentally hardened router includes four copper 10/100/1000 Mbps interfaces, four combination copper/fiber GbE ports, two GbE SFP ports and two 10GbE SFP+ ports, making it ideal for IP-RAN deployments.
 10 "1GbE" | 2 "10GbE"
ACX4000 2.5 U form factor and environmentally hardened
 The 2.5 U environmentally hardened ACX4000 provides high-performance mobile access running on the Junos operating system.
 UP TO 32 TDM | UP TO "22 GbE" | 2 "10GbE
ACX5000 High-density, high-capacity aggregation router for Carrier Ethernet
 ACX5000 routers give you the power to roll out cost-effective Metro Ethernet access and aggregation solutions for areas where evolving service needs are driving the adoption of 10GbE UNIs in access and mobile backhaul networks. These routers provide E-LINE, E-LAN, E-TREE and E-ACCESS, with robust support for IP and IP VPN services.
 UP TO 96 "1GbE" | UP TO 104 "10GbE" | UP TO 8 "40GbE"